Surface changes were demonstrated in duck embryo cells following infection with both Marek's disease virus (MDV) and a herpes virus of turkeys (HVT) by agglutination with concanavalin A (con A). Materials labelled with fucose were extracted from the surface of cells with Nonidet. Antigens and con A receptors were isolated from these extracts by affinity chromatography and were compared using double labelling and electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gels. Eight or nine glycoproteins containing fucose were detected in cell surface extracts. Major con A receptors (average mol. wt. 95000 and 130000) detected in MDV and in HVT infected preparations were also present in uninfected cells. Antigens isolated from MDV and HVT infected preparations by immunoadsorption using MDV antiserum were different from the major con A receptors. The relationship between con A binding glycoproteins and antigenic glycoproteins is discussed. Two antigens (average mol. wt. 30000 and 43000) associated with the surface of MDV infected cells were MDV specific but the antigens precipitated from culture fluids of MDV and HVT infected cells with MDV antiserum appear to be identical.


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