DNA extracted from frog virus 3 has a GC mol fraction of about 0.56. The mol. wt. of the DNA is about 100 × 10 (97 × 10 by neutral sucrose gradient sedimentation; 102 × 10 from renaturation kinetics). Analysis by neutral sucrose sedimentation indicated that the DNA exists as a single heteroduplex in the virus particle. Alkaline sucrose gradient sedimentation indicated that single strand alkali labile interruptions probably occur in both strands of the heteroduplex. Renaturation kinetic analysis also indicated that about 7% of the genome contains repeated sequences. Quantitative analyses of DNA—DNA homology showed no sequence homology between frog virus 3 DNA and the DNA extracted from iridescent virus types 2, 6 or 9. This lack of sequence homology reflects the markedly distinct profiles on acrylamide gels of the structural polypeptides of frog virus 3 and the iridescent viruses.


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