Purified preparations of strawberry latent ringspot virus (SLRV) contain a major (126S) component which tends to aggregate, and sometimes a minor component of about 58S. The major component contains two RNA species, of mol. wt. 2.6 × 10 and 1.6 × 10; some particles contain one molecule of the larger species and others apparently contain two molecules of the smaller species. The virus particles migrated as a single component both in immunoelectrophoresis tests and when electrophoresed in polyacrylamide gels. In polyacrylamide they were retarded by an increase of gel strength slightly more than were particles of raspberry ringspot virus. Virus preparations yielded two polypeptides of mol. wt. 44000 and 29000 in a molar ratio of about 1 to 1.3. In size and number of polypeptide species, SLRV differs from other nepoviruses and resembles broad bean wilt virus and comoviruses, but it did not react with antisera to seven of these viruses. The cryptogram of SLRV is R/1:2.6/37 + (2 × 1.6/42):S/S:S/Ne.


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