Active herpes simplex virus-specific thymidine kinase was precipitated with specific antiserum from extracts of infected BHK 21 cells which had been differently labelled with radioactive amino acids before and after infection. Analysis of the content of pre- and post-infection isotope in polypeptides separated electrophoretically from these immune-precipitates demonstrated the single, virus-specific, polypeptide labelled with post-infection label. No new polypeptide was detected with the pre-infection label and the low content of pre-infection isotope indicated the absence of any pre-formed host protein in the herpes thymidine kinase. The thymidine kinase specific antiserum, raised in rabbits against infected rabbit kidney cells, precipitated polypeptides of indistinguishable mol. wt. (44000) from BHK 21 cells and HEp-2 cells infected with the same strain of herpes simplex type 1.


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