A group of bacteriophages active on have been isolated from a number of animal sera including calf, foetal calf, lamb, chicken and rabbit. The phages are specific for ; no lytic activity was detected on 36 strains of , 6 strains of and seven strains of the genus . Some characteristics of these bacteriophages such as adsorption constants and single-step growth experiments as well as electron micrographs are presented. The host-phage system readily develops a stable phage-bacterium association, i.e. phage carrier cultures. Broth cultures infected with phage at high multiplicities, demonstrated active bacterial growth coincident with phage production. Cultivation of phage carrier strain 12 in medium containing phage antisera eliminated phage carriage. The phage-cured cultures yielded a mixture of phage-sensitive and phage-resistant clones and evidence was obtained of a rapid rate of alternation between these two phenotypes. The simultaneous production of both phage and bacteria in carrier cultures may be ascribed to the continuous development of phage-sensitive organisms from a phage-resistant population.


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