Embryos of the highly inbred Reaseheath W line were found to be resistant to RSV (RAV-O), a subgroup E virus. The results of test-cross matings between this line and the inbred Reaseheath I and C lines confirmed the two-loci genetic model reported previously by us for inheritance of response of fowl to RSV (RAV-O). Two loci were postulated in this model. Inhibitor, with resistance allele dominant over , and tumour virus e (), with susceptibility allele dominant over resistance allele . is epistatic to , inhibiting its expression. The genotype of the W line was typified as , a third type of resistance (Type III), and the first two types, and , were reported in our previous communication for the I and C lines, respectively.

It was found in certain crosses that embryos resistant to subgroup B virus were also resistant to RSV (RAV-O), but embryos susceptible to subgroup B virus were found segregating for resistance to subgroup E virus. This type of segregation failed to support the concept advanced by other workers that the association between the two types of resistance was dependent on genes at the locus.


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