The existence of defective interfering (DI) particles has been well documented for a number of virus systems (Huang & Baltimore, 1970). Such particles are currently of great interest since their ability to cause homologous interference has been implicated as a possible regulatory factor in the establishment of chronic or persistent virus disease (Huang & Baltimore, 1970). We have recently reported that about 50 cell generations after infection of BHK 21/13S cells with either lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) or Parana virus, infective virus could no longer be detected in either the cells or the culture medium (Staneck 1972). However, LCMV-infected cultures continued to produce particles with an interference activity which closely resembled DI virus (Welsh, O'Connell & Pfau, 1972). The data presented here indicate that Parana, another arenavirus (Rowe 1970), can initiate the nearly exclusive synthesis of DI virus under the same conditions.


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