Phage ST-1 and a host range mutant, ST-1 h, the only members of the φX174 class of bacteriophage capable of growth on male strains of , were characterized with respect to their growth requirements and physical properties. These phage were found to be separable on the basis of host range and antigenic properties but not by density or morphology. Phage ST-1 showed a strict requirement for the presence of divalent cations in order for growth to occur. This requirement was shown to be at the attachment stage in the infection process. Maximal adsorption kinetics occurred in the presence of 0.016 -CaCl and both ST-1 and ST-1 h showed a greater response to divalent cations than did φX174. The interaction of these phage with isolated bacterial cell walls showed that the adsorption site involved the lipid layers but not the muramic acid portion of the cell wall. The growth of phage ST-1 on the mutant bacterial strain -3110/1 revealed a strict requirement for the presence of calcium at a period after attachment.


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