Antigenic poliovirus receptor sites on mammalian cells were compared using an antireceptor serum. Antiserum to HeLa cells was found to block the attachment of enteroviruses to live HeLa cells. This blockage was made more specific by adsorbing the anticellular serum with homologous cells whose surface receptors for polioviruses had been selectively heat inactivated. The adsorbed homotypic serum inhibited specifically the attachment of polioviruses to live HeLa cells, while the receptors for coxsackievirus B3 remained functional. Treatment of FL, ML, U, AV-3 and CV-1 cells with this antireceptor serum also resulted in the specific blockage of the receptors for polioviruses but not the receptors for coxsackievirus B3. These results indicate that the surface receptors for polioviruses on various cell lines differ antigenically from the receptors for coxsackievirus B3, and that poliovirus receptors are antigenically homologous on different cell lines.


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