Haemagglutinating populations of virus particles of adenovirus type 16 (I–VIII) were separated by isopycnic centrifuging in CsCl. One of these populations (V) contained complete virus particles. Fresh preparations of virus particles from all populations studied had a morphology indistinguishable from that of complete virus particles.

The five lightest populations were shown to contain [H]-thymidine and to be infective; dose-response relationships indicated the occurrence of a multiplicity-dependent infectivity of the incomplete virus particles. SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of incomplete virus particles of the lightest population demonstrated that they were deficient in three polypeptides, but contained three other polypeptides which were not detectable in complete particles. One characteristic polypeptide of incomplete particles and another characteristic polypeptide of complete particles displayed high ratios of arginine over threonine.


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