Six polypeptides could be detected in purified preparations of adenovirus type 12 by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. One of these polypeptides (the Y polypeptide) could not be seen in type 5 virus preparations and appeared to be associated with the core components rather than with the capsid components. Incomplete particles of type 12 virus, while lacking the core polypeptides contained three other polypeptides. The synthesis of the structural polypeptides could be detected in infected cells by labelling with [S]-methionine; in addition, there were at least eight other polypeptides which appeared to be specific for the infected cell (ICSP's). One of these, ICSP-3, of mol. wt. 55000, was synthesized early in infection even in the presence of an inhibitor of DNA synthesis and was thus presumed to be related to the adenovirus type 12 tumour (T) antigen. Phosphorylation of polypeptides was noted in the infected cells and in the purified virus both fibre and core-1 polypeptides appeared to be phosphorylated.


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