The first phage known to adsorb to bacterial flagella was isolated by Sertic & Boulgakov (1936), who found it attacked motile but not non-motile strains of various enterobacteria. Since then, such phages have only been reported in 1941, when three isolates were obtained from the East River, New York, by Rakieten & Bornstein (1941). Flagellar phages nevertheless appear to be very common in sewage, for we have found them in 5 of 18 samples examined for I phages (Lawn 1967). All the new phages are closely related to the original flagellar phage named (Sertic & Boulgakov, 1936), which we therefore propose to name 1, the new phages being 2 to 6 as the phages isolated by Rakieten & Bornstein (1941) are no longer available (M. L. Rakieten, personal communication).

The method of selection consisted of incubating 1 ml. of sewage, clarified by centrifugation for 15 min. at 700 , with 9 ml.


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