It has been reported that synthesis of specific viral protein requires replication of viral DNA. Various investigators (Flanagan & Ginsberg, 1962; Kjellén, 1962; Gilead & Ginsberg, 1965) found that the formation of virus specific proteins in adenovirus-infected cells was directly dependent upon the synthesis of viral DNA. The analogue 5-fluoro-2-deoxyuridine (FUdR) completely inhibited synthesis of viral antigen in human foetal muscle cells infected with cytomegalovirus (Goodheart, Filbert & McAllister, 1963) and suppressed the production of specific virus antigen in SV40 infected monkey kidney cells (Melnick, Stinebaugh & Rapp, 1964; Gilden 1965). In contrast, the work on pseudorabies virus (Reissig & Kaplan, 1962) suggested that specific viral protein formation can proceed in the absence of apparent viral DNA replication and synthesis of viral protein under conditions of FUdR inhibition has been reported for vaccinia virus (Shatkin, 1963; Salzman, Shatkin & Sebring, 1963; Loh & Payne, 1965) and polyoma virus (Sheinin, 1964).


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