Rabbit serum against baby hamster kidney (BHK) cells fixed complement with vesicular stomatitis virus grown in BHK cells but not with virus grown in pig kidney (PK) cells. Similarly, PK cell antiserum reacted only with virus grown in PK cells. The infectivity of the virus was reduced greatly by virus antiserum and formed a complex with the serum which sedimented in 30 min. at 10,000 . In contrast, the infectivity was not reduced by cell antiserum and did not form a sedimentable complex. The purified infective component fixed more complement with cell antiserum than with virus antiserum but the small virus antigens released later in the growth cycle fixed complement with the virus antiserum only. By the use of virus grown in the presence of labelled inorganic phosphate or in cells which had already incorporated P, it was shown that the cellular component of the virus was present in the envelope.


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