Four clones of the hamster cell line NIL-2 were transformed by adenovirus 12. The transformed cells formed foci of multilayered growth in monolayer cultures under agar medium and colonies when suspended in soft agar medium. A virus stock containing 5 × 10 particles and 1.1 × 10 p.f.u./ml. contained 2.8 × 10 focus-forming units (f.f.u.)/ml. in NIL-2 cells. The numbers of cell foci and of colonies induced by serial dilutions of virus were consistent with a linear dose response. Approximately 2 × 10 total virus particles or 4 × 10 infectious units were required to induce one focus of transformed cells. The highest transformation rate obtained was 0.002% for cells exposed to about 80 p.f.u. of virus per cell. For comparison, primary rat embryo cells were transformed by adenovirus 12. The results obtained were approximately the same as those with NIL-2 cells except that the rat cells did not form colonies when infected and suspended immediately in agar. However, rat cells transformed in cultures under liquid medium formed colonies when suspended in agar medium.


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