RNA was extracted from purified Sendai virus, labelled with P, and sedimented in sucrose density gradients. Under conditions of high ionic strength (0.1 -NaCl) the sedimentation coefficient was 57 . In the presence of 0.005 -EDTA, the sedimentation coefficient was reduced to 40 , indicating that the RNA of the virus exists as a single-stranded molecule.

The intracellular synthesis of virus-directed RNA during the latent period of infection of chick embryo cells by Sendai virus in the presence of actinomycin was also studied. Cells were extracted by the phenol + sodium dodecyl sulphate method at 2, 4, 6 and 7 hr after infection, having previously been exposed to [H]uridine for at least 2 hr. It was found that the first newly formed RNA had a sedimentation coefficient of 18 and could be detected between 2 and 4 hr after infection. From 4 hr onwards a 57 component was found in increasing amounts until 7 hr after infection. Substantially similar results were obtained when infected cells were treated with detergent alone, and the mixture immediately centrifuged on density gradients except that the principal RNA components now had sedimentation values of 57 and 23 .


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