Guinea pigs approximately 8 months old, maintained on a diet of rabbit pellets and carrots, developed abnormalities similar to some of those described for scorbutic guinea pigs (Follis, 1963). Approximately half of the animals developed a fibrovascular proliferation in the thigh muscles which caused up to sixfold increase in the normal volume of the thigh (Meheregon, personal communication). Tissue from the swollen legs grew in culture in Eagle's medium as a confluent, fibroblast-like sheet, whereas normal-sized leg muscles of the same animals did not grow under the same conditions. Increase in cell number occurred for 4 to 6 weeks and then the culture became stationary. This report presents electron microscopic evidence for the presence of virus-like particles, possible developmental forms of a pox virus, in the cells in culture.

Cultures were obtained by treatment of the tissues with 0.25% trypsin for 15 min.; the dispersed cells were collected by centrifugation, suspended in tissue culture medium (Eagle, 1955) and grown in 4 oz bottles until they formed a confluent sheet.


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