A strain of virus ( 26/61) isolated by Ditchfield, Macpherson & Zbitnew (1962) from dogs ill with infectious laryngotracheitis was shown to be a canine adenovirus serologically related to infectious canine hepatitis virus. Further studies (Yamamoto, 1966) showed this infectious laryngotracheitis virus to be similar to other adenoviruses with respect to its growth characteristics and its specificity for canine primary cells and a canine cell line.

The infectious canine laryngotracheitis virus was serially propagated several times in primary dog kidney cells and then passed serially in a continuous dog kidney cell line obtained from Dr R. C. Parker, Department of Microbiology, University of Toronto, Canada. For electron microscope studies, the virus was allowed to infect dog kidney cell line monolayer cells in Roux bottles for 72 to 96 hr and was harvested by repeated freezing and thawing.


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