Guinea pig antisera were prepared against purified hexon, penton and fibre antigens of adenovirus type 5. Sera reacting specifically with particular antigens as judged by immunodiffusion, complement fixation and haemagglutination-inhibition tests were assayed for virus neutralizing capacity. The latter was exerted almost exclusively by anti-hexon sera. Type 5 anti-hexon but not anti-fibre sera neutralized type 1 virus provided the serum virus reaction took place at low pH values.

Since the hexon antigens contain the group-specific adenovirus antigen, demonstrable by complement fixation or immunodiffusion, the ability of heterotypic adenovirus rabbit antisera to combine with adenovirus type 5 was assayed. Evidence of such combinations was obtained by the demonstration of virus inactivation following addition of a goat anti-rabbit serum. It was shown that adenovirus type 1 and type 2 antisera combined with type 5 virus. The technique used did not reveal combinations between type 5 virus and antisera against type 3, type 12, type 21, nor against Coxsackie B. The IgG fractions of rabbit antisera against type 1, type 2 and type 12 were shown to enhance inactivation of type 5 virus + antibody complexes. No enhancement was obtained with type 3 or Coxsackie B, IgG. The results suggest that although the hexon antigens contain common structures the configurational pattern differs among the different virus types.


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