The complete haemagglutinin (HA) of adenovirus type 11 sedimented more rapidly than the corresponding component of type 3. No significant difference was found between these two serotypes in the rates of sedimentation of their incomplete HAs, isolated haemagglutination-enhancement antibody absorbing components obtained by treatment with guanidine-HCl and slowly sedimenting haemagglutination-inhibition antibody absorbing components. These three products may be pentons (vertex capsomeres plus projections), isolated vertex capsomeres and projections (fibres), respectively.

Ultrastructural studies demonstrated that the architecture of complete HAs of adenovirus types 3 and 11 is principally the same, i.e. a symmetrical aggregate of 12 penton components located in the facets of a pentagonal dodecahedron. No difference was found in structural characteristics of either the projections or the capsomeres parts, in conformity with the results of the zonal centrifugation analyses. In spite of this the diameters of the two complete HAs, excluding their projections, were different: 225 to 275 å for type 3 as compared to 280 to 330 Å for type 11. A variation in mass and structure of a postulated internal component may be of decisive importance for the difference in physical characteristics between the complete HAs of adenovirus types 3 and 11.


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