Two fundamentally different viruses that infect have so far been isolated. They have been designated Mycoplasmatales virus-laidlawii 1 (MV-L1) and Mycoplasmatales virus-laidlawii 2 (MV-L2). MV-L1 is an unenveloped helical DNA virus, 16 nm in diameter and 90 nm in length (Bruce 1972); while MV-L2 is a predominantly spherical enveloped virus with a mean diameter of 80 nm (range 52 to 125 nm). Its nucleic acid appears to be DNA (Gourlay 1973).

This report describes the isolation of another virus which infects and which differs from both MV-L1 and MV-L2.

Four serial tenfold dilutions of two clones of the M1305/68 strain of resistant to MV-L2 (Gourlay, 1972) were prepared in phosphate-buffered saline, pH 7.3, containing 5% foetal calf serum. Drops (0.02 ml) of each dilution were placed on glucose serum (GS) agar plates (Gourlay & Wyld, 1972) and the plates were examined after incubation at 37 °C for 48 h.


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