Our recent studies have shown that raspberry ringspot virus (R/1:2.4/43 + 1.4/30 (or 2 × 1.4/46):S/S:S/Ne, nepovirus group) has two functional RNA species, of mol. wt. 2.4 × 10 (RNA-1) and 1.4 × 10 (RNA-2) (Harrison, Murant & Mayo, 1972; Murant 1972). There is also evidence that tomato top necrosis (Bancroft, 1968), tobacco ringspot (Harrison 1972) and cherry leaf roll (Jones & Mayo, 1972) viruses have divided genomes and we suggested (Harrison 1972) that this property is characteristic of nepoviruses. In this paper we present results with another nepovirus, tomato black ring virus (TBRV), in which we have found three RNA components. Two of these seem essential for infection and presumably comprise the genome of the virus. The third seems to be a ‘satellite’ RNA, analogous to that found in some cultures of tobacco ringspot virus (Schneider, 1969, 1971).


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