Raspberry ringspot virus (R/1:2.4/43 + 1.4/30 (or 2 × 1.4/46):S/S:S/Ne, nepovirus group) sediments as three major components (T, M and B) with sedimentation coefficients of 52, 92 and 130 S, respectively (Mayo, Murant & Harrison, 1971). We reported (Murant 1972) that particles of M component yielded one type of RNA molecule, of mol. wt. 1.4 × 10 (RNA-2), whereas B component yielded both RNA-2 and RNA of mol. wt. 2.4 × 10 (RNA-1). We suggested that some particles of B component contain one RNA-1 molecule and others contain two RNA-2 molecules. Confirmation of this suggestion comes from the finding, which we now report, that dimers of RNA-2 are formed when purified virus is irradiated with u.v. light.

The culture of raspberry ringspot virus, and the methods by which it was purified and assayed for infectivity, were as described by Murant (1972).


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