Egtved virus (Zwillenberg, Jensen & Zwillenberg, 1965), a rhabdovirus, is the causative agent of virus haemorrhagic septicemia of trout (V.H.S.), a disease which causes important losses in European hatcheries. This disease occurs mainly when the water temperature is between 6 and 12 °C, and spontaneously disappears when the temperature rises over 14 to 15 °C, in spite of the fact that the latter temperature is the thermal optimum for virus growth (de Kinkelin & Scherrer, 1970).

Although the trout is able to produce circulating antibodies against a variety of antigens at 15 °C (Post 1966, Hodgins, Weiser & Ridgway, 1967; Dorson 1972), there is no evidence of neutralizing antibodies in the serum of trout recovering from an epizootic of V.H.S., and several injections of the virus have been necessary to obtain a low titre of neutralization (Vestergård-Jorgensen, 1971).


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