Many viruses, in addition to the induction of c.p.e., produce profound biochemical alterations in the cell, particularly by the inhibition of cellular macromolecular synthesis (for review see Roizman & Spear, 1969). Reeve (1971) have shown that the ability of different Newcastle disease virus (NDV) strains to inhibit cellular protein synthesis is related directly to their virulence for cells and for eggs and chickens .

Certain NDV strains can also inhibit cellular RNA synthesis, but the relationship of this property to the virulence of the infecting strain is not clear (Wheelock & Tamm, 1961; Scholtissek & Rott, 1965; Wilson, 1968). Moore, Lomniczi & Burke (1972) examined 13 strains of NDV but were unable to establish a relationship between virulence and the inhibition of host cell RNA synthesis.

The cell culture techniques and most of the virus strains have been described (Alexander, Reeve & Allan, 1970; Reeve & Poste, 1971).


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