virus S has been fractionated into four particle classes, E, M, L and H, with sedimentation coefficients of 66, 87, 101 and 113 S, respectively. E particles were shown to be empty capsids, while M particles contained single-stranded RNA, L particles contained double-stranded RNA, and H particles contained both single-stranded RNA and double-stranded RNA. The mol. wt. of L particles was found from sedimentation and diffusion coefficients to be 6.0 × 10.

Evidence is presented that the M, L, and H particle classes each contain two components, M 1, M 2, L 1, L 2, H 1 and H 2, respectively. It has been shown that the M 1, M 2, L 1 and L 2 particles each contain only one molecule of RNA with mol. wts. of 0.47 × 10, 0.56 × 10, 0.94 × 10 and 1.11 × 10, respectively, while H 1 and H 2 particles each contain one molecule of double-stranded RNA of mol. wts. 0.94 × 10 and 1.11 × 10, respectively, together with single-stranded RNA.


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