Selenocystamine dihydrochloride (0.003 m) inhibited particle-associated RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activity of influenza B//40, influenza A//34 (H0 N1), A/-5 (H2 N2), recombinant A/-5 (N2)-A//34 (H0) and recombinant A//68 (H2)-A/ (N1) . The structurally related compounds -cystine, cystamine and -diacetyl selenocystamine were less active and inhibited influenza B/ particle-associated RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activity by 50% at concentrations of > 0.3, 0.3 and 0.018 m, respectively. Particle-associated RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activity was inhibited immediately by addition of selenocystamine. The inhibitory activity of 0.01 m-selenocystamine was reversed completely by the addition of 0.06 m-β-mercaptoethanol and partially by dialysis of a virus-selenocystamine mixture. High concentrations (3 m) of the compound had no detectable effect on influenza virus haemagglutinin or neuraminidase activities, but virus infectivity was reduced significantly after incubation with 0.03 m-selenocystamine.


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