The ionic strength and ionic composition of the medium can markedly affect certain aspects of virus replication or maturation in the case of some picornaviruses (Wallis & Melnick, 1962; Tolskoya 1966; Fiala & Kenny, 1967; Blough 1969; Agol 1970) and in the case of Sindbis virus (SV), a group A togavirus (Waite & Pfefferkorn, 1970). In general, a lowered ionic strength appears to inhibit while a higher ionic strength increases virus yield. Blough also reported enhanced crystallization of rhinovirus in HeLa cells after increasing the concentration of MgCl in the medium. Our observations described below show that the yield of dengue virus (DV), a group B togavirus, is also affected by the ionic strength of the medium. However, no clear-cut effect on the crystallization of DV in Vero cells (Matsumura, Stollar & Schlesinger, 1971) was noted after increasing the MgCl concentration.


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