The tobacco necrosis satellite viruses SV and SV interfere with one another's replication, and the larger the dose of the interfering satellite the greater the degree of interference produced. The amount of interference also depends on the strain of tobacco necrosis virus (TNV) used as helper. Suppression of SV by SV is greater than that of SV by SV, although SV is the more infective. SV differs serologically from SV and SV no more than these two differ from each other, but it needs a different strain of TNV for replication. Nevertheless, there is no interference between SV and either SV or SV. The interference between SV and SV takes place in the first 2 h after inoculation. Satellite viruses inoculated 3 days after TNV do not interfere with one another provided the TNV strain is one that aids their multiplication. The results suggest that SV and SV compete for an early metabolite.


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