We have investigated the capacity of the avian adenovirus CELO to induce interferon in primary chicken embryo fibroblasts. The multiplicity of infection appeared to be an important factor in the induction of interferon.

U.v. irradiation of the virus at 1 or 2 × 10 ergs/mm completely inhibited virus replication, but had no effect on interferon synthesis. Interferon production was decreased by 50% when CELO virus was irradiated with a dose of 5 × 10 ergs/mm.

Treatment of the infected cells with cytosine arabinoside inhibited new DNA synthesis and virus replication, but had little effect on interferon production. Cytosine arabinoside, also, did not inhibit interferon production in chicken cells infected with human adenovirus type 7. It can be concluded that at appropriate multiplicities of infection the parental CELO virus was responsible for interferon induction.


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