Studies on viruses recovered from South African Cercopithecus monkeys have been carried out by Malherbe & Harwin (1957) and Malherbe, Harwin & Ulrich (1963). One such virus, designated S.A. 11 (strain 96) was isolated from a rectal swab taken from a healthy vervet monkey in 1958 (Malherbe & Strickland-Cholmley, 1967). This virus has not yet been characterized morphologically. A virus isolated from intestinal washings of cattle and sheep (Malherbe, Strickland-Cholmley & Geyer, 1967) and designated O agent, showed eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusions in monkey kidney cell cultures similar to those of S.A. 11 (Malherbe & Strickland-Cholmley, 1967). No published information is available on the structure of this virus. On the basis of similarities in serology, pH instability, resistance to desoxycholate and certain other characteristics, the viruses are considered to be virtually identical (Malherbe & Strickland-Cholmley, 1970). In addition Verwoerd (1970) has suggested that S.A. 11 is similar in structure to the bluetongue-type viruses.


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