It is well known that many plant viruses can be transmitted by aphids, but the highly infectious tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) seems to have no aphid vector. Only Hoggan (1934) reported a very low level of transmission which, however, has not been substantiated (Orlob, 1963; Pirone, 1969). Some progress on this problem was made when Teakle & Sylvester (1962) showed that TMV could be inoculated by aphids placed on virus-covered leaves. More recently we demonstrated that aphids can transmit TMV from a virus-covered leaf to a healthy leaf (Lojek & Orlob, 1969). Now we wish to describe experiments in which the green peach aphid, Sulz., transmitted TMV from tomato and doubly infected tobacco.

The following plants were used as virus sources: L. var. Havana or L. var. Potentate for TMV or TMV/cucumber mosaic virus (CMV); var. Xanthi n.c. for CMV and potato virus Y (PVY).


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