Broad bean mottle virus (BBMV) is a spherical plant virus belonging to the same group as brome mosaic virus (BMV) and cowpea chlorotic mottle virus (CCMV) (Bancroft, 1970). BMV and CCMV have recently been shown to have divided genomes (Lane & Kaesberg, 1971; Bancroft, 1971) contained in virus particles which sediment as a single species. The RNA from BBMV, when examined in the ultracentrifuge, has been shown to be heterogeneous (Kodama & Bancroft, 1964), consisting of a 17S infectious species, and a 10S species (Bancroft 1968) which was considered to be a degradation product about one-third the size of the large piece. As with the other members of this group, further heterogeneity of the fastest sedimenting species has been found on electrophoresis of the RNA on polyacrylamide gels (Fowlks & Young, 1970).


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