During a comparative study of the interferon system in normal and virus-transformed murine cells, a clonal line was observed to produce unusually high yields of interferon. This report describes some variables which influence the interferon yield.

Procedures for the establishment of Moloney sarcoma virus (MSV)-transformed cell clones have been described previously (Bassin, Tuttle & Fischinger, 1970). The twice cloned line C-243-3 was received from Dr. Bassin, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland. The line was derived by transforming 3T3FL cells, a subline of the original Swiss 3T3 cell line (Todaro & Green, 1963) under conditions permitting infection by MSV in the absence of associated ‘helper’ leukaemia virus. The cells contain the MSV genome but do not release infectious MSV or leukaemia virus. However, the cells do release small quantities of non-infectious, non-transforming, virus-like particles. Such cells have been termed S + L - cells (Bassin 1970, 1971).


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