Recent studies on adenovirus adsorption have shown (Neurath, Hartzell & Rubin, 1969, 1970) that the erythocyte receptors for adenovirus differ from the receptors for other viruses hitherto described, e.g. influenza virus (Springer, Nagai & Tegtmeyer, 1966), in that arginine residues in the virus capsid and carboxylic acid groups of aspartic and glutamic acid residues of cellular proteinaceous components are involved in the interaction of adenovirus with cell membrane. Experiments of adenovirus attachment on to permissive cells suggest that the critical arginine residues are located in the vertex projections (Philipson, Lonberg-Holm & Petterson, 1968).

Although carbohydrates do not seem to participate in adenovirus-cell interaction, it is interesting to investigate the possible role of a carbohydrate moiety (especially of neuraminic acid residues) of plasma membrane glycoproteins on the adsorption of adenovirus type 2 to intact cells under conditions of a normal virus infection.


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