Human lymphoid cell lines have so far only been established from cells exposed to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) (Henle 1967). Such cell lines contain virus DNA in addition to cellular DNA (zur Hausen & Schulte-Holthausen, 1970), but the virus genome is present in a repressed state (Hampar 1972). Some cell lines of this type can be superinfected with EBV. This results in an abortive infection, with the expression of several early virus functions (Henle 1970; Gergely, Klein & Ernberg 1971) but no production of virus particles. In the present work, biologically active EBV, labelled with [H]-thymidine, was partly purified from the culture medium of the cell line P3HR-1 which produces virus (Hinuma 1967). The fate of the radioactive virus DNA was then investigated after abortive infection of two different human lymphoid cell lines.


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