The particles of potato mop-top virus (PMTV) resemble those of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), and the two viruses are slightly related serologically. However, buffer extracts of tobacco leaves infected with PMTV contain very few virus particles and no evidence has been obtained of free virus RNA in the infected leaves. Many particles in sap appeared defective, with their protein helix uncoiled, usually at one end (Kassanis, Woods & White, 1972; Harrison & Jones, 1970). The purpose of this note is to describe the appearance of PMTV in infected cells. Leaves of young tobacco plants cv. Xanthi were inoculated with the aid of carborundum before they were fully expanded, and one week later small pieces of leaf showing fine necrotic markings were used. The pieces of leaf were fixed and embedded for electron microscopy following Milne's (1970) method.

Restricted areas of the cytoplasm contained particles packed together parallel to one another.


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