The irregular distribution of virus particles in systemically infected plants is well known for some viruses. Limasset & Cornuet (1949) showed that tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) concentrations increase as a function of the distance from the shoot apex, and Solberg & Bald (1963) demonstrated a downward-increasing concentration gradient from the apical meristem for TMV in systemically infected Grah.

Walkey & Webb (1968, 1970) first showed virus particles in apical meristems of L. systemically infected with NEPO viruses, by using electron microscopy. Using the same technique, Roberts, Christie & Archer (1970) also found tobacco ringspot virus particles in apical initials of tobacco shoots.

The presence of virus particles in potato ( L.) apical meristems has not yet been revealed by electron microscopy (Kassanis, 1965; Morel, Martin & Muller, 1968). The present paper offers experimental evidence of their presence.


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