Chany & Robbe-Maridor (1968) have reported that the multiplication of murine hepatitis virus was stimulated in tissue cultures infected with murine sarcoma virus, strain MSV (M) and suggested that this was caused by MSV (M) blocking the biological action of interferon. Hermodsson (1963) and Maeno (1966) reported that some parainfluenza viruses enhance the multiplication of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) and that this effect must be due to a suppression of the production and antivirus action of interferon.

The present report describes the stimulating effect of MSV (M) on the multiplication of Newcastle disease virus (NDV), strain, adapted to grow in mouse cells. Results suggest that this effect is related only to a decrease in the cellular sensitivity to the antivirus action of interferon.

Swiss mice embryo cells (SMEC) were grown in 30 ml. plastic tissue culture flasks, each seeded with 1.5 × 10 cells.


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