Properties of a new general transducing phage, PSA68, isolated from a commercial digestive are described in comparison with other transducing phages, L, MG40, and P22. The morphology, the latent period, and the average burst size of PSA68 were indistinguishable from those of P22. This phage most resembled L serologically and MG40 in immunity properties; P22 was dominant over the other three phages, and PSA68 and MG40 over L. The buoyant density of PSA68 was 1.510 g./cm., identical to L and MG40, that of P22 being 1.520 g./cm. The relative number of abortive transductants produced by the nonmotile double mutants was not significantly different among the four phages, though the transduction frequencies per p.f.u. were different from each other, implying the presence of genetically identical lengths of chromosome fragments.


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