The Virus Group will meet on 5 and 6 January 1972 at The Middlesex Hospital Medical School, Cleveland Street, London W1P 7PN. The morning sessions will be devoted to a symposium on ‘The Ecology of Virus Diseases’ at which the speakers will be:

5 . Sir . ‘The ecology of some respiratory virus infections of man’. G. C. S. ‘The ecology of influenza virus infections in human and non-human hosts’. W. P. ‘Wild animals in the maintenance of Rinderpest and African Swine Fever viruses’. J. B. B. ‘The ecology of Foot and Mouth Disease’.

6 . C. E. S. ‘The ecologies of some arbovirus infections and their response to environmental change’. T. W. T. ‘Ecological aspects of plant and animal viruses in arthropods and other hosts’. K. B. ‘Current concepts and problems of wild life rabies control’. The afternoon sessions will be devoted to contributed papers.


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