Enhanced synthesis of DNA in brains of scrapie-affected mice prompted Kimberlin & Hunter (1967) to examine the effect of inhibitors of DNA synthesis. No protection or delay was observed in mice inoculated intracerebrally, and receiving combined intracerebral-intraperitoneal treatment. The high penetrability of adenine arabinoside into the central nervous system and its relatively high activity against neurotropic DNA viral infections (Dixon 1969 Schardein & Sidwell 1969; Sloan 1969) inspired an examination of its possible effectiveness in scrapie.

Swiss Webster mice were inoculated intracerebrally with 0.03 ml. of 10 or 10 saline suspensions of scrapie mouse brain, using the sixth mouse passage of the Chandler strain. Beginning the day before inoculation and semi-weekly thereafter one group of mice receiving each concentration of inoculum was treated subcutaneously with adenine arabinoside (9-β--arabinofuranosyladenine), 200–300 mg./kg.; another group of mice at each concentration of inoculum received equal volumes of buffered saline solution.


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