Recently, we described the isolation of temperature-sensitive () mutants of adenovirus type 5, and presented evidence that some of these mutants complemented each other (Williams 1971). In this communication we present additional data concerning complementation, as well as evidence of recombination between mutants of adenovirus type 5.

The mutants have been previously described (Williams 1971), as have methods for growth and assay of virus stocks (Williams, 1970). Complementation tests were carried out as follows. Cells were either doubly infected with mutants each at input m.o.i. of 5 (a combined multiplicity of 10), or singly infected at an m.o.i. of 10. Virus was adsorbed for 1 hr at 38°, after which time the monolayers were washed with Eagle's medium, and treated with 1 ml. of a 1/200 dilution of antiserum to adenovirus type 5 (neutralizing titre 1/10,000) for 15 min.


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