The haemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus (HEV) of pigs was isolated in Canada by Greig (1962). Three serologically identical strains of the virus (HEV 1, 2 and 21) were detected by these workers (Greig & Girard, 1969). Cartwright (1969) suggested that HEV was a myxovirus, but Phillip, Cartwright & Scott (1971) have recently examined the virus using negative contrast methods and concluded that it belonged to the coronavirus group. This present study examines the structure of HEV as seen in thin sections, but some results obtained by negative staining are also recorded.

Cell cultures in 30 ml. bottles were prepared from the kidneys of 3- to 5-week-old pigs. When a monolayer had just formed the cells were washed with Earle's lactalbumin medium and inoculated with 0.5 ml. of virus (strain HEV2) which was initially obtained from Dr A. S. Greig. The inoculum was absorbed for 16 hr at 37° and then 4.5 ml. of Earle's lactalbumin medium was added.


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