Tubular structures enclosing single rows of virus particles have been repeatedly found associated with infection by maize rough dwarf virus (MRDV). They have been seen in ultrathin sections of leaves from both infected maize (Gerola & Bassi, 1966) and wheat plants (Gerola 1966) and also sections of some tissues from viruliferous planthoppers Fallén (Vidano, 1966). During further work on MRDV, still in progress in our laboratory, we have recently noticed that such tubular structures can survive in crude extracts of diseased plants and often they still contain the row of virus particles.

The extracts were made from the leaf enations of MRDV-infected maize plants (cv. ‘Wisconsin 641 AA’) and the procedure described by Lovisolo (1967) was followed in a slightly modified form. The plants had been infected with viruliferous planthoppers one to two months previously and showed the typical symptoms of the disease.


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