In the course of studies by one of us (H.R.C.) on bacteriophages carried by a number of species of pathogenic Corynebacteria isolated from lesions in man and animals, evidence has been sought of similarities and differences between the properties of these phages. Although no generally acceptable method of classification of bacteriophages has yet been established, it would seem that morphology is of considerable significance in at least some types of phage (e.g. coliphages).

The few published observations on the morphology of the corynebacterial phages that we have been able to find are all concerned with phages from . Toshach (1950) using the replica technique of Edwards & Wyckoff (1947) reported that a phage isolated from a virulent strain showed a head of 60 nm. diameter and tail of 300 nm. long and 10 nm. wide. Freeman (1951) published an electron micrograph of his B phage after chromium shadowing, but gave no measurements.


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