Interferon inducers are more active prophylactically than when given after infection. Potentially, therefore, in many clinical situations interferon inducers would have to be given repeatedly in order to maintain a continuous state of protection from virus infection. The known hyporeactivity of the serum interferon response (Ho, Postic & Ke, 1968; De Clercq & Merigan, 1970) is apparently a serious limitation to this approach. The hyporeactivity of the interferon response to Poly I:C has recently been carefully examined (C. E. Buckler, H. G. Du Buy, M. L. Johnson & S. Baron, personal communication; Du Buy 1970). It was concluded that the ability to obtain high, sustained levels of interferon is hampered by hyporesponsiveness to restimulation. Adjustment of the dosage schedule, however, resulted in sustained moderate levels of serum interferon production for a period of 7 days or more.


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