It has been reported that cellular DNA-like RNA (D-RNA) synthesis, as well as protein synthesis, is inhibited when mammalian cells are infected with adenovirus type 5 (Bello & Ginsberg, 1969). It has also been reported (Hodge & Scharff, 1968; Raskas, Thomas & Green, 1970) that adenovirus type 2 induces a marked decrease in the appearance of 18 and 28 ribosomal RNA species in the cytoplasm of infected cells between 10 and 19 hr after infection. The present communication provides evidence that KB cells infected with adenovirus type 7 also exhibit changed patterns of host RNA synthesis and alterations in the processing and distribution of various RNA species among the cellular compartments.

KB cells were propagated as monolayer cultures in 8 sealed prescription bottles in a medium consisting of Hanks's balanced salt solution (HBSS) containing 0.5% lactalbumin hydrolysate (LAH) and supplemented with 10% newborn-calf serum and antibiotics.


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