Two established rat cell lines, WERC and TWERC, were studied for the presence of C-type RNA virus particles. WERC cells, spontaneously transformed , continuously released C-type RNA virus (WERC virus) by budding from the plasma membrane. Some of these virus particles (diameter about 100 nm.) showed an electron-lucent nucleoid of diameter 75 to 80 nm. and represented immature C-type virus. Others showed dense nucleoids of about 65 to 70 nm. diameter and looked like mature forms of murine leukaemia virus. Each cell showed 60 to 100 virus particles. The buoyant density of the virus particles in sucrose gradients was that expected for avian or murine RNA virus particles (1.16 g./ml.).

No virus particles were observed in the subline of cells (TWERC) originating from the malignant transformation with avian sarcoma virus (the strain of Rous sarcoma virus) of parental WERC cells.


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