Lettuce necrotic yellows virus (LNYV) is very unstable (Crowley, 1967) and is therefore difficult to store, even by dehydrating virus-infected leaf tissue, a technique which has been particularly successful for the long-term storage of many plant viruses (McKinney & Silber, 1968). Hunt, Gourevitch & Lein (1958) and Perkins (1962) described ways of preserving microbial stock cultures by dehydration with anhydrous silica gel, and these methods have been applied to a range of microorganisms (see Grivell & Jackson, 1969).

In this paper we report that LNYV has been preserved for several years by the technique described by Perkins (1962) for storing fungi, in which a suspension of the fungal spores is mixed with skim-milk and then with anhydrous granular silica gel. Tomato spotted wilt (TSWV), cucumber mosaic (CMV) and cauliflower mosaic (CIMV) viruses have also been stored by this method and later recovered.


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